It is commonly known that the distribution of vaccines in a population is very likely to cause a number of adverse events in those who received the injection. In order to monitor the safety and efficacy of vaccines, many countries have put in place "VAERS" reporting platforms. VAERS stands for "Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System".


Most VAERS systems around the world have already been collecting valuable data on negative and harmful effects which may have been caused by vaccines. These platforms are, in most cases, freely available to the public, greatly helping in promoting fair and open informed consent in its population. The following are VAERS platforms for the US, UK and EU:

  1. The VAERS platform in the United States
  2. The Yellow Card system in the United Kingdom
  3. The Vaccine Tracker in the European Union


Such platforms allow healthcare professionals to report and access information which may be crucial in ascertaining the safety of a particular intervention.


There exists no such reporting platform for Bermuda and no mechanism exists for the population of Bermuda to be advised of such events. Residents of Bermuda have therefore resorted  building this reporting platform for people to share their side effects to cause awareness since there is no other platforms that allows the sharing of COVID related content.


What is an Adverse Event?

A vaccine adverse event is a negative ailment, which can occur at any time after the administration of a vaccine. The harm may occur at the time of injection, or many weeks after administration of the vaccine.

Examples of adverse events already reported in the VAERS systems above include: Blood clotting disorders, rashes, unusual bleeding and menstrual cycles, inflammation of the vascular system, seizures, loss of motor function, myocarditis and pericarditis, loss of sight, loss of hearing, heart attacks, fainting, etc.

Such an observed event may be caused by a number of factors which may not directly relate to the vaccine, however it is important to report all adverse events to ensure the public of Bermuda is aware of the potential risks. Many adverse events around the world have occurred in otherwise healthy individuals with no underlying predispositions for the adverse event.



This database is free to use and offered as a service to the general population of Bermuda. Any information submitted will be made available to the public without reviewing any personal information. Persons should therefore not include any confidential, sensitive or compromising information on any individual. Data of this database will be used for be used for information purposes only.

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